WCC cancels men’s basketball season

The men's basketball season at Westchester Community College has officially been canceled amid allegations of transcript fraud.
A spokesperson from the National Junior College Athletic Association says it received notification Thursday through email that the college was canceling the season.
The school's decision comes after it launched an investigation into allegations of doctored transcripts for athletes in the men's basketball program. An anonymous email sent last year to the NJCAA prompted the investigation.
The NJCAA says it will work with administrators at WCC to make any changes to protocol or procedures, calling the cancellation an "unfortunate situation."
WCC has already fired an assistant coach and two students have lost scholarships. A school spokesperson says the decision was made before the start of the season to allow other teams to reschedule games and "free up the students to transfer to another school without losing a year of eligibility."
News 12 spoke with one student who says it isn't right to punish all the players.