Westchester community remembers late Section 1 sports fan Keith Yizar

This week, Section 1 Athletics and the Town of Mamaroneck lost a legend who was known all over Westchester County as the gentle giant.
This week, hearts were broken as news spread of the death of high school sports fan Keith Yizar.
He was a loving husband, father, coach, mentor and the most loyal person one could meet.
Yizar passed away on Sunday of a heart attack.
It's a loss that will go down in the history books.
“My father, he was a father to many, many, many, many people he took care of many, many, many people. But for us, my four siblings he was a rock. He was everything,” said Yusef Yizar.
Standing six feet five inches tall, Keith Yizar was a big presence wherever he went. That was never more evident than the 30 years he worked in Mamaroneck School District.
“The children were always first. He would step over an administrator, step over a parent to make sure that child or that student got what they needed to be successful,” said Daymon Yizar.
“He didn't care what color you were, what your nationality was, he was there for you, encouraging all the kids and the adults, and everybody's life is better because they had the opportunity to meet Keith Yizar,” said Tyrone Carver.
When he wasn't working, one could usually find Keith Yizar rooting for the Tiger's. It didn't matter the sport.
But when late February and early March came around, “The King” would take his throne.
“This is an experience that’s, I guess, similar to Madison Square Garden or anything else. This is the mecca of Westchester high school basketball,” Keith Yizar told News 12 in the past.
Every day during Section 1's basketball championship week at the Westchester County Center, Keith Yizar would sit in the first row at center court.
He was just as popular as the traditional Gold Ball trophy.
“When you go there, you’d see him, center court, the white hat on. Some people wanted to know ‘who is he and how come he gets those seats? How come I can't sit there?’ That's what I'm going to miss the most,” Daymon Yizar said.
The number of games Keith Yizar attended throughout the years is impossible to count.
One thing is for sure, the County Center will not be the same without him.
“He never had a bad word to say about anybody, and the more and more I think about it it's going to be really heartbreaking to sit at that scorer’s table and look across, straight across, and not see him there,” said Dave Greiner
“The love that he gets, it was always understood because he gave that much love to people,” Yusef Yizar said.
“He was just a great, great person who is going to be sorely missed, you know, a lot by me, but especially by other people,” Daymon Yizar said.