Westchester DA's office plays key role in Pirro federal probe

The Westchester District Attorney?s office is playing a large role in the federal investigation into the woman who used to be in charge there, Jeanine Pirro.
A new assistant to current District Attorney Janet DiFiore has a long history with the players in the scandal surrounding Pirro. Second Deputy District Attorney Tony Servino is a former law partner of Michael Santangelo and helped defend Al Pirro during his tax fraud trial seven years ago. The allegations claim Santangelo?s wife was having an affair with Al Pirro, which prompted Jeanine Pirro to allegedly seek to wiretap his boat. Michael Santangelo is also caught up in the federal probe, which reportedly is also looking into whether his clients received sweetheart plea deals from Pirro when she was district attorney. Pirro calls those allegations ridiculous.
DiFiore says she is not in a position to comment on anything that may be pending in her office. Jeanine Pirro is pointing the finger of blame for leaks about the case to the Assistant U.S. Attorney Elliott Jacobsen. She continues to call for a special prosecutor to look into the matter.
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