Extreme heat blankets the region with heat advisory, air quality alert issued for the Hudson Valley

Utility companies bring on extra workers in anticipation of widespread power outages

Con Edison and Orange and Rockland Utilities say they have hired additional lineman to help repair damage and restore service.

News 12 Staff

Dec 16, 2020, 6:14 PM

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Utility companies across the Hudson Valley are gearing up to respond to widespread power outages caused by the incoming storm.
Residents of Yorktown are among many who are concerned not only about the potential for nearly 2 feet of snow, but of the gusty winds that could knock down trees and power lines.
It was only a few months ago that Tropical Storm Isaias left more than 60% of the town without power for days, and officials are working to avoid that same fate this time around.
The Yorktown Highway Department says they will be out in full force starting this evening clearing roads as quickly as possible.
But just like at the end of the summer, the concern is keeping the lights on.
Strong winds and heavy snow are expected to cause blackouts, but today the town has a Con Edison municipal liaison available for a quicker response.
The utility company is bringing in 225 additional workers to help with possible outages.
Town officials say the best things to do are avoid parking your cars on the roads tonight and stay indoors to speed up the cleanup.
Orange and Rockland Utilities says it has hired 50 additional lineman to help repair damage and restore service. Tree removal crews, damage assessment and customer service teams are also making preparations to assist the community.
Meanwhile, the Yorktown Highway Department will have 50-to-60 plows covering 400 miles of roads this evening. They can clear the entire town in four hours at one-to-two inches of snow per hour. "Neighbors are already putting snowblowers out, they were getting them ready over the weekend, making sure the generators are working. So we've been through this before. Just make sure that you're safe, make responsible decisions, and just let our highway department do the great work that they always do," says Yorktown Town Supervisor Matt Slater.
It's all hands-on deck as the storm approaches. "We have x-number of men and women who go out there and will work for 10, 12 hours at a clip without a break when we need that," says Highway Department Superintendent Dave Paganelli.

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