Westchester Unites urges independents, Republicans to switch parties, vote in Latimer/Bowman primary

A new voter education center has opened in New Rochelle to get independent and Republican voters to register as Democrats so they can vote in the primary election between Westchester County Executive George Latimer and incumbent Rep. Jamaal Bowman.
Volunteers for Westchester Unites were canvassing the streets. Legally, they cannot support or even discuss specific candidates, but they say their goal is to make sure voters have all the information available.
"We are a blue state and whoever wins that primary will most likely be our elected official, so if we want to be heard, we need to register as a Democrat by Feb. 14 and go out and vote," said Miriam Loren, a recently converted voter.
Members of Westchester Unites say this isn't a matter of party politics and they are not trying to change anyone’s ideology.
Meanwhile, Bowman, seeking his third term, is putting out his own effort to get unregistered Democrats to register before the primary.
"You have to register to vote in a party, Democratic or Republican by February 14th," he said in a brand-new ad to promote voter registration.
Both sides feel whoever wins the primary, in which millions of dollars is expected to be spent, will win the election in November. The district covers the southern half of Westchester County and a small portion of the northern Bronx.