Winter storm reminder: What you can do to help plows clear Hudson Valley roads

Multiple communities throughout Westchester and the Hudson Valley are reminding residents to assist plows in clearing the roads during the ongoing winter storm.
Here are some important guidelines:
Village of Airmont and City of New Rochelle:
  • No parking on municipal roads: Do not park on any municipal roads during the storm to prevent potential damage to your car or other personal property.
  • Minimum 10-feet clearance: In Airmont, keep your cars and personal belongings a minimum of 10 feet from the curb line.
  • Mailbox safety: Ensure your mailbox and its support post are structurally sound, as the village will not be responsible for any damage during plowing.
Proper snow disposal:
  • Avoid road hazards: Do not put any snow from your driveway or yard into the roads, as it poses a hazard and may result in a ticket.
City of New Rochelle:
  • Garbage placement: Place garbage at the curb, not in the street, and follow proper disposal guidelines.