Woodbury police respond to large student melee at MWHS during dismissal Friday

The Monroe-Woodbury school district is investigating a large student melee at the high school during dismissal on Friday, involving multiple fights in front of crowds of kids.
News 12 was given student cellphone recordings of the incidents where students are heard screaming and yelling as a security officer is pushed to the ground in one of the fights.
Another video shows crowds of students surrounding several teens fighting.
District officials say several fights broke out while crowds of kids were trying to get on their busses to go home, and that some students even stepped in themselves to try to help.
Town of Woodbury police were called to the school and tell News 12 by the time they arrived, the fights were broken up and students involved were back inside the building with teachers.
Parents say they got an email about the incident and we showed them the videos.
“It’s never been like this before,” said Stevie Irabol. “I thought it was a minor thing until I saw the video now. It’s serious. I didn’t expect it.”
Other people in town said student violence is something that needs to be addressed across the state.
“Let the teachers do what they need to do to be able to teach. Give them back their powers and take the damn powers away from the students because the students are pretty much running the stuff now not the teachers,” said Linda Gardiner.
Other parents tell News 12 that district varsity football games have been moved from Friday nights to Saturday mornings for the season as a result, but we have not been able to confirm.
Police say no one was hurt and no arrests were made.
The Monroe-Woodbury school district says they’re investigating the melee and that disciplinary action will be taken against any student involved.