Yonkers city officials: Gang violence accounts for majority of shootings in 2020

Police say gang violence and gang shootings have increased by 30% in Yonkers year over year, while overall crime is down 7%.
City officials say gang violence accounted for the majority of shootings in 2020.
Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller says 51 guns were taken this year and 31 last year, but more work will now be done.
"We'll have the mobile unit...mobile command unit out, we'll have....units out like ESU and K-9 doing walk-throughs, meet and greet, our community affairs will be out. Obviously, we're very deep into technology. We will use overt and covert surveillance," he says.
Mueller believes the Raise the Age Law, which rolled out last year, may be contributing to this.
He says although it's important, it not only protects 16- and 17-year-olds who commit one criminal act from being tried as adults, but also those with multiple offenses.
"I think it is a combination of older gang members unfortunately recognizing the fact that they can exploit younger kids that are very impressionable...There are no consequences. They go to family court and then they're released," says Mueller.
He says he hopes the state Legislature considers what they're seeing and makes some minor revisions to the Raise the Age Law.
In the meantime, his officers will be there closely keeping an eye on things.