Yonkers Mayor’s Help Line flooded with calls after recent storm

In Yonkers, flood impacted residents can find information and help through the Mayor’s Help Line.

Nadia Galindo

Oct 5, 2023, 9:32 PM

Updated 286 days ago


Many Hudson Valley residents are still cleaning up from last week’s historic rain.
In Yonkers, flood-impacted residents can find information and help through the Mayor’s Help Line.
News 12's Nadia Galindo went to the call center where operators field calls from residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help connect residents to resources and city departments that can help them with issues and concerns.
"This is sort of the central nervous system for the city in that it connects residents’ concerns to the departments that can address them," said Jason Baker, Yonkers DPW Deputy Commissioner.
The help line was created in 1973 and provides a convenient way for the city to respond to residents requests for services.
"Probably the most common issues are street paving, street light repairs, garbage pickup," said Baker.
Last year, the call center answered 150,000 calls.
"I love the Mayor's Help Line, I think it's great," said Ramona Saunders, Yonkers resident.
Saunders said she is a regular caller and utilizes the help line to tackle everyday issues the requires service and information from the city.
"They give you information for sanitation pickup, they give you how the weather is going to be also about alternate street parking," she said.
The Mayor's Help Line is also utilized after major storms like the one last Friday which resulted in 2,567 calls over a 7 day period.
Many of the calls were to request pickup up of water damaged items and storm debris.
"We are very busy during storm events responding to all types of calls," said Baker.
If you live in Yonkers and have a non-emergency inquiry, you can call the Mayor's Help Line at 914-377-HELP (4357).
Call 911 for an emergency.

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