You just picked all those apples. Now what?

By: Kattey Ortiz/News 12 Digital Producer
The second September arrives, the autumnal trifecta takes over: apples, pumpkins, and football. But let's focus on the apples for now.
Orchards are lush with all kinds of apples this time of year with families flocking to "pick-your-own." It's easy to get carried away and bring home a lot more fruit than you planned. The good news? Their use goes WAY beyond apple pies and crisps.
Here are five ways to use all those apples you brought home:
1. Apple votives: who says apples are just for eating? Decorate your home by carving out a small circle in the fruit to fit a tea light. You can create a tablescape with pine cones, cranberries, etc. Or stick them in a decorative bowl of water and voila, floating apple votives!
2. Apple chips: a super easy and yummy snack made by thinly slicing the apples. Whether it's cinnamon, sugar, cayenne pepper, dust whatever spice you want on the chips and pop them in the oven. You don't need a dehydrator!
3. Apple wreaths: using thick slices of apple chips, you can string them together to make a decorative wreath. Throw in some cinnamon sticks and cloves for a homey aroma.
4. Pomanders: awaken your senses with these DIY air fresheners that double as fall decor. Stick cloves in apples (or oranges!) and place them wherever you'd like. 
5. Prints: an oldie but goodie. Grab the kiddos and cut apples in half. Dip them in paint and stamp them on anything from canvas bags to shirts.