4 women elected to Yonkers City Council set new precedent in politics

Four women on the Yonkers City Council are setting a new precedent in politics.
It took more than a century after Yonkers became a city in 1872 for the first Black woman to sit on the City Council. Now, in 2022 - history is being made yet again.
For the first time ever, a majority of the Yonkers City Council is Black. For only the third time, women make up more than half of the seven-member board.
"That's what it's about. Women coming together for empowerment, for building each other up, and building a future for Yonkers," says Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Tasha Diaz.
That future is led by Diaz and City Council President Lakisha Collins-Bellamy - who is the first Black woman to hold that citywide title - along with councilmembers Corazon Pineda-Isaac and Shanae Williams.
"We know the struggles that Black women and women of color, in general, go through and we often don't get this opportunity to be at the table. To make change happen. That's the most important thing here," Williams says.
This historic moment is more than just leadership - they're seeking to inspire the next generation to strive to make history, too.
"That people can be themselves and still do the work that they love and the work that is meaningful and passionate for them," says Pineda-Isaac.