Advocates call for bilingual warnings signs at parks

Parks advocates are calling out for bilingual warning signs at parks and playgrounds to warn parents about possible playground hazards.
Recently, a number of children suffered severe burns from running around on the black rubber barefoot. Advocates say some parents may not realize just how hot the ground can get in the summer sun.
?When the sun hits the floor it?s almost 200 degrees Fahrenheit,? 9-year-old Brenden Montinez says. He?s close ? Parks advocates recently measured the ground temperature close to 135 degrees, much too hot for kids? feet.
The advocates are calling for bilingual signs to be posted in parks across the city alerting kids and parents to keep their shoes on. The advocates want the signs to be written in both English and Spanish, because they say just English isn?t enough. They also want the signs to explain why shoes need to be kept on, because a sign that reads ?no bare feet? may not be enough.
Advocates agree that this is the right step to take, but they also say to really solve the problem, more protection is needed overheat. ?The solution right now is to put trees [over the parks]. A canopy,? New York City Park Advocate Geoffrey Croft says. ?They?re doing this all over the country.?
The Parks Department says it will ensure signs are posted at every playground and in different languages where appropriate.
Playgrounds not always a good place to cool off