Alert Center: 58% of New Yorkers say wait on lifting school mask mandate

News 12's Samantha Crawford is in the Alert Center discussing the release of a new Sienna College Poll that looks at how New Yorkers feel about mask mandates in schools and other indoor public places.
The poll finds that a majority of New Yorkers, 58%, want to wait for early March data before deciding whether to lift the school mask mandate, compared to 30% who say the school mask mandate should have ended already, and 10% who want to see it end after this week’s school break.
When asked about the indoor mask mandate, 45% say the mandate should still be in effect, while 31% say it should have ended earlier than it did, and 20% who say it ended at the right time.
The poll also asked voters about their views on the seriousness of crime and 60% said it was a very serious problem across the state, while 31% said its somewhat serious. By a 65% -27% margin, voters say ‘the so-called bail reform law' should be amended to give judges more discretion to keep dangerous criminals off the streets.