Astronaut from Yonkers: Space trips by Bezos, Branson could be dawn of commercial space age

News 12 spoke to Ron Garan, an astronaut from Yonkers who has spent more than 178 days in space.

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Jul 21, 2021, 12:25 AM

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Jeff Bezos called Tuesday the "best day ever" after he and three others launched 62 miles above the earth.
The space flight through his company Blue Origin lasted about 10 minutes, and they were able to float in zero gravity.
News 12 spoke to Ron Garan, an astronaut from Yonkers who has spent more than 178 days in space.
He says this flight - and Richard Branson's about a week ago - could be the dawn of an age of commercial space travel.
"It's kind of reminiscent of the early days of aviation. Back in the beginning it was not a common place thing where people flew on airplanes. It was a select few people. A very rare and special occurrence where someone got to see the earth from the air. And I think we're at the dawn of this new chapter," says Garan. 
Tuesday's flight was one for the history books. The oldest, youngest and richest people to go to space were on the Blue Origin flight.
The company says tickets for future flights are now available, but there is no word yet on the cost.

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