Congers church falls victim to holiday theft

Authorities say someone stole wood from St. Paul's Church in Congers Monday evening.
The wood was to be used for the stable in the church’s nativity scene. 
St. Paul's Church officials tell News 12 the wood for the stable was laid out in a pile when someone took it away in two trips.
Police are investigating and say there is surveillance footage, but they’re not sure if it was deliberately taken or if someone mistook it for trash.
Parishioners are upset and call the scene a village staple.
“It makes you angry. There’s a much better way to express your opinion on something than vandalism and outright theft,” says resident Jim Sutherland. “It’s something meant for everyone.”
Parishioner Harry O’Boyle says the church’s scene "was pretty well-known, it was framed nice. I don’t understand this, it’s terrible.”
Anyone with information about the missing stable wood should contact Clarkstown police.