Gang member pleads guilty in killing of Mount Vernon star basketball player

A gang member accused of shooting and killing a Mount Vernon teen on New Year's Eve almost four years ago pleaded guilty in federal court this morning.
David Hardy appear virtually today at the White Plains Federal Courthouse and accepted a plea deal to serve between 40 years to life in federal prison for the killing.
He pleaded guilty to murder and an unrelated weapons charge. Hardy admitted to shooting Shamoya McKenzie in the head on New Year's Eve 2016 while he was attempted to kill a rival gang member. The 13-year-old star basketball player was an innocent bystander in the car with her mom at the time.
Hardy was originally arrested on state charges, but the feds took over as part of a larger gang-related case.
He and 11 other gang members faced additional racketeering and conspiracy charges for their alleged gang activity, including a different murder in 2014.
McKenzie’s mother spoke with News 12 after the Hardy’s plea. "It's a long day coming, too long, over almost four years and finally this happened so we're glad this came to closure now," says Nadine McKenzie.
Three other defendants have previously pleaded guilty in playing a role in McKenzie's death.
Hardy's sentencing is scheduled for January 2021.