Headlines: Sentencing day for funeral home director, East Fishkill female assaulted, Fishkill apartment fire

Here are some stories making headlines across the Hudson Valley.

It was sentencing day for a former Suffern funeral home director who defrauded customers. Leonard Scarr, of the Scarr Funeral Home, pleaded guilty to grand larceny, forgery and other charges back in July. He was sentenced to two to six years. He was charged after defrauding 90 victims of more than half a million dollars. Authorities say Scarr used his client's funds for personal expenses without permission.
An East Fishkill man is facing several charges after allegedly assaulting a woman and holding off police for several hours last month. The 31-year-old victim called police saying she had also been menaced with a handgun on Bayberry Street. Donald Lemish is charged with strangulation, menacing, unlawful imprisonment and attempted assault.
And a Bronx woman faces up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to setting a fire that destroyed several apartments at a Fishkill townhouse complex.Inez Feliciano admitted to second degree arson at the Merritt Park Townhouses back in April.She'll be sentenced next month.