Commuters opt for public transportation after storm

Many Hudson Valley commuters opted for public transportation Wednesday after Tuesday's nor'easter left mounds of snow on the ground.
About a foot of snow fell in Tarrytown during the storm.
The Tarrytown train station was busy all day, with people getting on and off trains and buses, opting for public transport rather than chancing it on the roads.
Those who did pick up shovels to dig themselves out seemed to have a hard time clearing away the storm's remnants.
"It's not just snow," says Karen Doran. "You really need an ice pick to get through it."
Others had less trouble, like Christian Primeau, a proud Jeep owner.
"I'd imagine, if I had a small car, I wouldn't love it too much," Primeau says. "If I had to dig out, I'd hate it. But I love it."
His wife on the other hand -- she took public transportation. So Primeau had to pick her up at the Tarrytown train station.
"Everything seems to be running on time, so we're both happy about that," he says.