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Mt. Vernon residents living at Yonkers hotel without electrical power for days due to Ida's impact

Mount Vernon residents who have been living at a Marriott hotel in Yonkers have had no power, air conditioning and no hot water for days due to Ida's impact.

News 12 Staff

Sep 6, 2021, 8:19 PM

Updated 1,018 days ago


Mount Vernon residents, who have been living at a Marriott hotel in Yonkers, say they have had no power, air conditioning or hot water for days due to Ida's impact.
Dozens are residents from Ebony Gardens, an affordable housing complex in Mount Vernon. They were moved into the Marriott on Executive Boulevard in July while their building was being renovated.
Now, nearly a week since the hotel lost power from the storm, residents say they've lost hundreds of dollars in food due to refrigerators not working.
Regina Jamison says she relies on a CPAP machine for breathing, which she can't power up.
Other elderly residents staying at the hotel told News 12 the lack of electricity is causing them health problems.
The Marriott's general manager would not do an interview on-camera with News 12 but says Con Edison keeps moving back the time it will be able to restore power. However, Jamison says the hotel could do more for her and other impacted residents.
"They're putting the blame on Con Edison. They're not trying to accommodate any of the residents, reimbursing them the money back for the food that they spent, they haven't offered us flashlights, no candles," she says.
Jamison was originally supposed to move back into Ebony Gardenson on Tuesday, but she says her apartment still hasn't passed the building inspection, so she is stuck at the Marriott for now.
"I still been staying here because I have nowhere else to go," she says.
News 12 reached out to Ebony Gardens for comment but they were closed for the Labor Day holiday.
Con Edison tells News 12 they had to wait until flooding around the hotel was drained to begin making repairs. Crews are currently working on the issue and hope to have service restored soon.

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