New Jersey joins federal lawsuit alleging Google has monopoly over online advertising

New Jersey has joined a federal antitrust lawsuit against Google for allegedly dominating the online advertising market.
State Attorney General Matt Platkin signed New Jersey up with Attorney General Merrick Garland’s lawsuit against Google, which was filed on Tuesday. New Jersey also joined a bipartisan group of attorneys general from California to Virginia.
“I think people know how big and powerful Google is. We all use it and rely on it. You have to adhere to our laws,” Platkin says. “Google has complete control of the advertising market. They control the exchange.”
Platkin says many of the Big Tech companies have become monopolies in their industry.
"In this case, [Google is] certainly acting like a monopoly," he says.
The Justice Department says Google is violating antitrust laws by controlling the tools and technology to dominate the online advertising industry.
“When you’re online, you’re getting bombarded with ads. It’s a multi-trillion-dollar marketplace and Google is taking in more than 30% of that market,” Platkin says.
The attorney general also confirmed that his office is investigating Monmouth County’s voting machine vendor for Election Day errors that caused some votes to be counted twice.
“Based on the public reporting, we were very troubled by it, and we’re looking at it,” Platkin says.
He also responded to criticism by state Republican chair Bob Hugin that he was not looking at Democratic-controlled Mercer County, where errors with voting machine scanners countywide led to a lengthy vote count.
Platkin was confirmed by the state Senate last September but has led the Attorney General’s Office for almost a year.
“It’s an incredible place to work. I feel very privileged to be here,” he says.
He says that actions like the suit against Google are about protecting Jersey consumers.
“When you’re buying products, those costs are paid by somebody. Ultimately it trickles down and is paid by millions of New Jerseyans,” Platkin says.
Google responded to the lawsuit in a blog post saying the legal action by the DOJ, “tries to rewrite history” and “attempts to pick winners and losers in the highly competitive advertising technology sector.”