Newburgh mom says 14-year-old son left blocks away from home by bus driver

A Newburgh mom is outraged after she says her 14-year-old son was abandoned by his bus driver and dropped off blocks away from their home, instead of taken to school.
Trisha Crumpler says the Newburgh Free Academy freshman was headed to the school’s main campus Thursday morning when his bus driver left him at a stop on Liberty Street.
“Our kids are in the hands of people who don’t care,” says Crumpler. “They informed me this particular bus is assigned to 129 children. That’s way over max capacity.”
The family says the school bus is operated by Gallagher Bus Company and is normally over-crowded, with three students to a seat. They say the teen stood up from the edge of a front-row seat to let other students from another stop get on when the driver realized there were too many kids, and allegedly told him to get off.
“The last kid took my seat,” says the teen. “The bus driver says, ‘I can come back around’ and I said, no. I’ll just call my mom.”
News 12 reached out to the school district and bus company for comment but hasn’t heard back.
“This is the City of Newburgh. You know, it’s a dangerous location,” says Crumpler. “Thank God his grandfather is local and was able to grab him.”
The teen’s family just got the boy a cellphone after last week’s school bus stabbing blocks away from where he was allegedly let off.
“How can you just accept that this is OK? Everyone wants to pass the buck: it’s the district’s fault, it’s the bus company’s fault, but at the end of the day, my kid was let off and what if he didn’t have a phone? The what ifs are endless in this city,” Crumpler says.
A standard-size school bus can carry a maximum of 78 students, according to New York State Education Department guidelines.