Police: Man in custody after firing weapon in Getty Square

Yonkers police say a suspect fired a weapon in Getty Square while leading police on a pursuit Friday.
Police say the incident started when a man refused to stop his vehicle as police tried to pull him over. The man jumped out of his car at Hudson Street and Riverdale Avenue to try to flee.
Officials attempted to tase him after they say they say he had a gun during the chase.
Video from nearby businesses show bystanders running out of the way as officers tackled the suspect without discharging their weapons.
The suspect reportedly fired off five rounds with his semi-automatic weapon.
Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson praised the officers involved for gaining control of the situation without discharging their own guns. "I think it's amazing that it did not go in a much worse direction. I don't think they could've handled it any better," he says.
However, Olson add that he thinks more needs to be done to keep this from happening on the streets, especially since the suspect was arrested on gun charges twice before, including just last year. "The fact that he was out on the street and able to commit a crime like this, shows the failures of our system," Olson says.
The suspect is a 24-year-old from New Rochelle. Officials say he may face federal charges.