Report: Yonkers ranks among top 10 cities for women

Yonkers has secured an impressive position in WalletHub's latest rankings of the best and worst cities for women.
Placing ninth on the list, Yonkers shines in comparison to numerous other cities.
Topping the charts were Columbia, Maryland at No. 1, followed by South Burlington, Vermont at No. 2.
Meanwhile, New York City stood at No. 56, and Jackson, Mississippi was last on the list.
The assessment, which aimed to identify the most conducive environments for women's prosperity, analyzed 182 cities based on 15 critical indicators of living standards for women. These metrics ranged from median earnings for female workers to the quality of women’s hospitals, as well as suicide rates among women.
It's worth noting that only 22 out of 250 metro areas in the U.S. report women under 30 earning the same amount as or more than their male counterparts.
Additionally, women, on average, earn approximately 82 cents for every dollar earned by men.