Rockland designer opens fashion store during pandemic

A Rockland clothing designer is demonstrating resilience by opening her first store - during a pandemic.
Hope Wade is used to only working with private clients, but now customers can shop for her designs at her Nyack boutique.
"It's exciting, you know. I've always loved Nyack,” says Wade. “A great opportunity came up, and I seized the moment."
The store is located on North Broadway and shares the space with a vintage jeweler and pottery maker.
The Jamaican-born fashionista says a pandemic shouldn’t stop anyone from chasing their dream. 
Wade's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is, "Go for it. What do you really have to lose? We're living in uncertain times, and we don't know what tomorrow holds."
She further went on to mention some of the accolades that she’s received during her fashion journey, saying in part, "It feels that now, my work is being seen on a larger platform, something I always wanted."
The pandemic even inspired her new collection called Zoom.
"My private clients are all asking me to design tops only,” says Wade of the collection. “So, I'm doing a whole line of beautiful tops and really exotic tops and pajama bottoms."
The store officially opens to the public on Sept. 26.