Veolia marks its 1,000th installation of modern fire hydrant in the region

Veolia’s 1000th Spartan fire hydrant was recently installed in Orangeburg.
Bill Madden, the director of New York communications and government affairs for Veolia, says they began installing them throughout Rockland and Westchester counties in 2018.
Its design deters people and businesses from freely opening them without permission, which is what happened with the other, older hydrants.
The Spartans need a unique tool in order to be opened.
"The loss of water like this can adversely affect customer rates,” said Madden. “We felt it was in the best interest of our customers to introduce this new innovation."
News 12 is told it is also easier to replace parts on the new hydrants, they last longer and are easier to use.
Veolia has done about 200 hydrants per year since starting and hopes to eventually make all 10,000 they own into Spartans.
The water utility has been training local firefighters how to use them.
Chris Kear, director of Rockland County Fire & Emergency Services and volunteer firefighter, showed News 12 how to use them in Pomona. 
“It’s great because it's a newer style of technology. Newer parts. New types of material the hydrant is made out of so, it lasts longer,” said Kear. “Easier maintenance. Less time they're going to be out of service if something happens to them."
Spartan fire hydrants are red in Rockland County and yellow in Westchester County.