Workers at Nanuet Starbucks file a petition to unionize

A Starbucks in Nanuet has become part of a growing list of locations nationwide pushing to unionize.
Workers at the Nanuet location filed a petition in the hopes of forming a union and securing a better wage. They also want better health benefits and to have a voice in making decisions.
Shift manager Christian Ramirez says, "Seeing the other stores start to unionize and the push, and the general momentum it's been having, kinda pushed us to start something and to keep the momentum going.'
A Starbucks spokesperson issued a statement saying, "We're better together in our direct relationship, as partners, without a third-party between us and that conviction hasn't changed. We are listening and hearing from the partners in these stores and our leaders have shared that we will respect to the outcome of the vote."
News 12 is told a vote by Nanuet employees on whether or not to unionize has not yet been set.
The national movement comes as employees at other major corporations, like Amazon and Apple, are trying to form unions too.
Sandy Oxford, of the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, says consumers are uniting with workers in agreement that better pay is needed.