Yadira Ramos-Herbert becomes first Afro-Latine woman to be elected New Rochelle mayor

Democrat Yadira Ramos-Herbert is set to become the first Afro-Latine woman to serve as mayor in the city of New Rochelle. After nearly two decades, the city will welcome a new leader come January, marking a historic victory.
Yadira Ramos-Herbert, a former dean at Columbia University who has served on the City Council since 2020, will now assume office in New York's seventh-largest city. Though initially in a close race with her Republican opponent Louis Tran-Gucci, she ultimately secured a decisive victory in the final tallies.
Ramos-Herbert's win is significant as she becomes both the first person of color and the first woman to lead the city of 80,000 people. She emphasized the importance of open communication amidst a construction boom that has shaped the city over the past decade.
The mayor-elect's campaign focused on breaking barriers and ensuring representation for future generations. She stated, "It's always been an incredibly diverse city. With women and people of color serving in leadership roles but to have this honor of representing the city, kids can't be what they can't see and I am thrilled that the next generation will be able to see themselves at the table."
Yadira Ramos-Herbert will succeed Democrat Noam Bramson in January. Bramson, who has served as mayor since 2006, opted not to seek reelection after 17 years in office.
"I'm thrilled for Yadira, but more importantly, I'm thrilled for New Rochelle. She is exactly the right person for where we are in this story of our growth and our evolution," says Bramson.
Ramos-Herbert says her top priorities are housing affordability, climate change and enhanced communication with residents, irrespective of their support. She emphasizes a goal of representing the entirety of New Rochelle, learning from concerns and advocating for progressive solutions. Ramos-Herbert is set to assume office officially in January.