Yonkers man arrested for operating chop shop

Investigators received a tip from cleaning staff about stolen cars being dismantled at the location.

News 12 Staff

Jan 31, 2024, 12:24 PM

Updated 163 days ago


Edison Cuevas of Yonkers is in police custody, accused of operating a chop shop.
Police allege Cuevas sold stolen car parts out of a stone fabrication company in New Jersey.
Cuevas faces charges of stealing a vehicle and operating the chop shop.
Fairfield police say Cuevas turned himself in and has been transferred to the Essex County Jail.
“It’s bizarre to think that no one knew this was going on, as far as people that work here. We don’t know whether this was just a weekend type thing,” said Fairfield Police Officer Stacy Chiarolanza.
Investigators say they received a tip from cleaning staff that stolen cars were being disassembled at Veracity Stone Fabricators on Daniel Road East.
“This could be big. I don’t know how big it could be, but I think we’re only at the tip of the iceberg,” said Chiarolanza. “This is not something we see here every day. We see our stolen cars, catalytic converters, but we don’t come across chop shops very often in this town.”
Fairfield police say two of the chopped-up Honda CRVs were reported stolen in December and January. One of their engines was spread across the floor of the business.
Police say they are still investigating details of the other two CRVs. One had its VIN defaced and the other’s was concealed.

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