Car crashes into propane tanks, vapor cloud forces evacuation of three homes

A car crash into propane tanks in the Village of Mamaroneck led to a substantial gas leak on Monday.
According to the fire department's chief engineer, it was just after midnight when the vehicle veered alongside two homes before colliding with three 420-pound propane tanks that were supplying a backup generator at 126 Osborne Ave.
All three tanks were knocked over, resulting in propane leaks from each, creating a vapor cloud that enveloped a significant portion of the side and rear yard.
Despite the perilous situation, two firefighters bravely navigated through the fog and successfully shut down all tank valves, mitigating the immediate danger.
Fortunately, the driver of the car emerged from the accident unharmed and was already outside the vehicle upon the fire department's arrival.
Emergency officials took swift action, ensuring the evacuation of an 84-year-old resident from the impacted house, along with residents from three neighboring homes, prioritizing their safety in the wake of the gas leak.