City of Newburgh officer’s conduct under review after allegedly slapping man during domestic violence call 

A police officer’s conduct in the City of Newburgh is under review after the officer was accused of slapping a man during a call.
City officials say the alleged incident happened while police responded to a home on Lander Street on Dec. 19 during a call for a report of domestic violence.
One of the people there, Kashon Goodwin, recorded the police response while officers were in the hallway of his apartment building and is heard on camera yelling and telling police to leave.
Goodwin gave News 12 the video in which he’s heard saying he was slapped. Goodwin says he was hit in the hand that was holding his cellphone while on his doorstep.
“It was very unprofessional. He did not act like a police officer. He acted like he was my girlfriend’s husband or something. Like he wasn’t even a police officer. He had his finger in my face yelling at me and doing all these things,” says Goodwin.
Goodwin says he doesn’t know who called police, and denies being involved in a domestic dispute.
Goodwin was not arrested as a result of the call.
City officials say Goodwin’s complaint was lodged with the City of Newburgh Police Commission Relations and Review Board.