Displaced New Rochelle tenants still dealing with flood damages at apartment building

There's growing frustration at a New Rochelle apartment building where displaced tenants are still dealing with flood damage.
Last week's storm impacted the building on Palmer Avenue, which resulted in water several feet up in the common areas. The lobby, the gym and the interiors of the apartments on the first floor were ruined.
The residents were trapped until the water subsided and were displaced. They were paying out of pocket for hotels and apartment rentals as of Friday night.
Residents told News 12 that the elevator has been inoperable a full week. They say there are tenants with disabilities who live on the upper floors who haven't left their apartments for a week.
The residents told News 12 the building got flooded because of drainage issues on the grounds. They said the issues are well known to the management company.
Residents say they've reached out to officials, the co-op board, and the management company, and after no response they reached out to News 12.
News 12 also called local officials to try and get answers but had not heard back as of Friday night.