'Something needs to be done.' Clarkstown supervisor fed up with flooding

Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann is fed up with flooding that plagues his town's roads seemingly every time it rains hard.
Several roads were closed in Nanuet, with officers having to rescue passengers in two cars. Downed trees caused road closures in other areas, and Lakewood Elementary was also closed for a while last night.
Some of the biggest concerns, however, are Route 59 in West Nyack and the Hackensack River. Hoehmann says Route 59 is closed in both directions. That comes after it was already closed 16 times last year and four times in 2022. The Hackensack River is completely overflowed, causing issues and safety concerns for residents and drivers.
"We really need to address this Hackensack River basin because it floods. Last year, we had the New York State Thruway flood twice and closed at least a portion of it. And of course, Route 59 closed 16 times as a result of the water from the river. So something needs to be done, and hopefully we can get the state to work with us as well."
Hoehmann adds the town is working on a flood mitigation project to address the issues. They have already secured an approximate $3.5 million commitment from Rep. Mike Lawler.
Full interview with George Hoehmann