Newburgh business owner denies accusations of operating meth lab

A Newburgh business owner is accused of operating a meth lab inside his home in Balmville.
Police arrested 69-year-old Stephen Affron on Sunday after they say they found a meth lab and illegal firearms inside the Dogwood Lane home.
Affron, who has owned Affron Fuel Oil for decades, admits to having chemicals and a makeshift lab inside his home but denies cooking meth.
Neighbors say they saw hazmat crews removing evidence from inside the house, but there was no indication of what was allegedly going on inside before. They say they are upset and surprised by the allegations.
"They set up a tent in his yard," says Craig Pemister. "They had a laboratory."
A representative for Affron's business says the charges are fabricated and "won't stick."
The 69-year-old business owner says he's sorry to his customers but maintains his innocence.
"I've run the company for 31 years," Affron says. "I'm not a menace to the community."
Affron spent a night in jail but is out on bail.
He is charged with manufacturing meth, criminal possession of a controlled substance and six counts of criminal possession of a weapon.