Rockland landlord accused of illegally housing migrants fails to appear in court for other case

A Rockland county landlord who allegedly had more than 30 residents living in a single-family home in New City was not in state Supreme Court Friday for problems at a different property he owns.
It was Shloima Koppel’s second court proceeding in just as many weeks. This time, it was for a house the Monsey man owns at 8 W. Funston St. in Spring Valley that Rockland inspectors allegedly found 32 violations at in September.
While Koppel was not there, attorney Chris Riley argued his client had no idea what was happening at his property because he used a management company.
A similar reasoning was given last week in state Supreme Court for Koppel’s property at 295 New Hempstead Road in New City.
Judge Thomas Zugibe responded by saying, “it strains reason and credibility, again, for a second property, to contend that he had no knowledge whatsoever that this was going on, on the premises."
Inspectors say they found 16 beds and eight bedrooms in what should be a three-bedroom home during their September inspection.
They say there were other violations such as blocked exits, missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and electrical hazards.
Koppel is facing a $23,000 fine as a result. In court on Friday, News 12 also learned the Funston Street home must remain vacated until the court proceeding is done. Koppel has six weeks to fix the problems, and he is allowed to demolish the premises.
Koppel’s attorney had no comment following the proceeding.
The next court proceeding will be next month.
Meanwhile, there is another court date this month regarding Koppel’s overcrowded property in New City.