Stolen ambulette crashes on Saw Mill Parkway after high-speed police chase

Authorities say two men are facing charges for stealing an ambulette in Yonkers and leading police on a high-speed chase, including driving the wrong way on two parkways.
Ossining Police Chief Kevin Sylvester says the pursuit of the stolen ambulette was an unusual and dangerous experience for his officers. The chase ended in the northbound lanes of the Saw Mill Parkway near White Plains.
The ambulette, owned by a company in Yonkers, was reported stolen at 5 a.m. and traced to Ossining. Police attempted to pull over the vehicle in Ossining but were unable to stop it.
The two individuals in the ambulette, identified as 40-year-old Devin Kelly, of Ossining, and 38-year-old Jospeh Deagan, of Buchanan, prompted concerns for public safety as the chase progressed, according to authorities.
As the pursuit continued, the ambulette traveled against traffic on both the Taconic Parkway and the Saw Mill Parkway until police cruisers intercepted and collided with it.
Sylvester emphasized the difficulty of the decision to continue the pursuit, highlighting the risk to public safety during the holiday season and just before rush hour.
Both suspects are currently hospitalized. Upon medical clearance, they will be brought back to Ossining for arraignment on multiple criminal charges.